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With our integrated approach and our experience across many sectors, we enhance the service and operational capability, the availability and the security of supply of your systems and products. In-depth knowledge of the specialist tasks and the process landscape in automotive IT makes us especially capable of handling complex Tasks. Today's systems are highly networked. This results in the increased blurring of system boundaries. Our know-how starts at the hardware level and ranges through application to the mapping of business models. Security is one of the key requirements in networking. So cyber security for IT systems is an inherent component of our offering.


Our services range from the design through to the execution and rollout of an IT system:

  • Planning & Analysis:We analyze target business processes, system-related technical requirements and necessary interfaces in a product-neutral manner. The focus is on designing the optimum solution for the customer.
  • Outline: In the course of system design we outline a software architecture in close collaboration with our customers, which meets all customer requirements in terms of performance, serviceability and maintenance. The architecture is designed in such a way that it forms a sound basis for future upgrades.
  • Development: The software is developed in close collaboration with the customer, using state-of-the-art engineering methods. Code quality is ensured via tried-and-tested programming guidelines including regular static and dynamic code analysis.
  • Validation & Verification: Each result of every development phase is verified and validated against the customer requirements. The test concepts for module, integration and system test defined at the beginning of system realization are consistently executed. This ensures early fault finding minimizing both the effort and risk system release.


System realization on-time, on-budget and with full functionality

In order to ensure that system development is completed within the prescribed time and the prescribed budget, for the functionality that the customer needs, we employ a state-of-the-art procedural model. We select the optimum processfor each project. In addition to classic processes (such as incremental and iterative), agile processes like scrum are employed.


Your advantages:

  • As a manufacturer-neutral service and solution provider, your success is our prime Focus.
  • The development of complex IT systems has been one of the strengths of ESG for 50 years.
  • We adapt our processes to the size of the system and to your circumstances and guide the procedure through drive the project to a successful conclusion.
  • Commercially available tools, supplemented by in-house solutions, ensure compliance with global standards as well as our own best practices.

Do you require a complex IT solution? Are you looking for a partner who can achieve this for you in close collaboration?


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