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Solutions for all areas of vehicle diagnostics.

The experts at ESG develop onboard and offboard diagnostics solutions for all areas of vehicle diagnostics: Development, production and aftersales.

Diagnostics plays a key role in all areas along the production chain of a vehicle – from development through production to aftersales. The ESG group with its subsidiary ServiceXpert has many years of experiences in all areas of vehicle diagnostics and considers methodology, standards, legal requirements, tools and processes in equal measure. We will advise you in terms of the optimization of your diagnostics process, develop individual diagnostics solutions and help implement them.


Our diagnostics services:

  • Onboard diagnostics
    Specification, design and implementation of diagnostics functions.  Analysis and testing of diagnostics interfaces, inc. ODX, validation of Flash data.
  • Development
    Diagnostic and flash processes, development of tools and support, creation of ODX, consulting services for ODX authoring guidelines.
  • Aftersales
    Development of diagnostics tools and support, modeling of test workflows, implementation and optimization of processes for data management distribution of diagnostics data.  Consulting services for compliance with regulations (Euro 5/RMI).
  • Production
    Development of diagnostics tools and support for end-of-line tests, test specifications.


The benefits:

  • You will benefit from the fact we have more than 20 years of experience. A wide range of development projects and consultancy services for our customers have taught us the key activities and challenges of the diagnostics sector.
  • We are not obiligated to any tool providers, instead we analyze their diagnostic systems neutrally - with the perspective of an independent consultant.
  • ESG Automotive Division Competence Clusters work in networked teams of experts. You will  benefit from non-cluster-specific know-how transfer on future-oriented subjects: including diagnostics for connected cars


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