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Engineering Services for alternative drive and charging systems.

ESG provides architectural development, testing and integration for electric vehicles, inductive charging systems and back-end solutions.

ESG would like to make a substantial contribution to sustainable mobility. This is why we utilize
our knowledge and experience in automotive and system development to provide solutions to the current
challenges of e-mobility.

We will look after your entire system: we tailor all the components of the vehicle architecture perfectly to the new drive concepts.

  • Electric drive: Development of electric vehicle functions and (sub)systems for charging and drive systems as well as energy management
  • E/E development services for electric and hybrid vehicles: Design, responsibilities for components and functions, vehicle integration, testing and validation of high-voltage components and onboard networks, development of HV safety concepts
  • Services during the development process: Development of diagnostic solutions for customer service as well as serviceability, design and implementation of tailored HV training courses and certifications, fleet support services for replacement parts logistics and management
  • eMobility infrastructure: Development of cost-effective and energy-efficient infrastructure solutions (charging systems), accompanying charging communication concepts (including involvement in standardization activities), conceptual design of eMobility-related IT Services


The benefits of eMobility services from ESG

  • You are working with experienced experts: We have already successfully implemented a number of Projects in the e-mobility sector.
  • We work on a neutral basis and design system solutions which meet your requirements in the best way possible – irrespective of the interests of the manufacturer.
  • Our engineers keep an overview of the interactions. eMobility involves not only the vehicle itself, but also the environment and the processes which make real mobility possible – including the infrastructure and the IT back-end services.
  • We have in-house research projects dedicated to current issues such as charge communication between the vehicle and the infrastructure during inductive charging.


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