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Process management at ESG – Our services

The experts at ESG approach matters clearly and pragmatically. They develop process solutions which can be implemented in the real world at a cost that remains competitive. Sustainability remains in focus at all times too.

Our process solutions contribute significantly to our customers' product development processes. We help both to optimize existing processes and to launch new ones. This way our customers save time, costs and find it easier to achieve their quality goals.

With the appropriate expertise in a wide range of quality management areas, our team ensures the highest standards along the product lifecycle. We also place special emphasis on remaining customer-oriented at all times.

We specialize in the following:


Process management:

  • Project and Process Management
    We analyze, improve and develop processes and methods. We integrate process solutions into our customers' IT infrastructure. All conventional standards and norms, such as CMMI, automotive SPICE and ISO 26262, are taken into consideration. We also perform a conformity inspection.
  • Requirement and test management
    We design and implement process, method and tool-based solutions in requirement and test engineering. We take on operative requirement and test management during product development and provide support services.
  • Change management
    We develop and implement concepts in change management to ensure process changes have an effective and efficient basis. We support our customers with target group-specific coaching and communication services during the process roll-out.


Quality management:

  • Operative Quality Management
    With our partners in Development, we analyze and improve the quality of individual components, to ensure overall premium quality. Our technical understanding of systems and the relevant know-how in quality management provide us with the required perspective to solve highly complex problems for the long term.
  • Quality data analysis
    We design and implement tool-based solutions for effective analysis of quality key figures. In doing so we increase customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis using reactive improvements, which are then incorporated preventatively into the development of new products. We also ensure transparency and structure using a network of unlimited data quantities.
  • Quality methods
    We help our partners by means of professional, quality method monitoring using tried-and-tested solution-oriented procedures. We will find a suitable method for tackling any problem. Whatever you require, be it a preventative approach or reactively aligned elimination of problems – you can count on us! We will find a suitable solution for you as quickly as possible.


Process and Quality Management at ESG – Your Advantages:

  • The experts at ESG combine their technical knowledge with process know-how to provide customer-specific, innovative and practical process solutions. 
  • At ESG, all projects are based on a systematic internal rule book with precisely defined standards. This guarantees that targets are achieved within the defined times, to the quality required and to your full satisfaction.
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency in product development.
  • We utilize a wide variety of methods and quality standards to create an overall interactive quality system. This coupled with technical know-how of highly-innovative products provides us with a head start over our competitors.
  • Our guarantee of the highest quality standards throughout the entire product lifecycle is sure to be met with enthusiasm. 


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